m & i Private Europe in numbers: 2800 meetings, 142 professional participants in Budapest


The M&I Private Europe Forum, which is organised by Worldwide Events for more than 15 years, aims to bring together buyers looking for exclusive, premium services with the right providers.

All pre-arranged meetings took place in the Budapest Marriott Hotel, which was the main hub of the four-day event. The operational team of the event included the 14 M&I staff, the team of the Hungarian Convention Bureau, and the colleagues of the tender-winner Bo Live Branding Agency, as well as Mauri DMC; in total more than 400 employees from 23 Hungarian subcontractors were involved with the event- organizers, tour guides, photographers, drivers, etc.

The event was attended by professionals from 24 countries. In addition to the already mentioned Hungarian service providers, five other Hungarian companies took part in the business negotiations which received about 80 percent discount on the original price offered by the Hungarian Convention Bureau: Danubius Hotels, IMS Budapest DMC, Microcosmos DMC Budapest, Mystery Hotel Budapest, Párisi Udvar Hotel.

The talks over three mornings were made even more colorful by destination experience programs.

Participants in the post-negotiation programs could visit the Buda Castle, learn to cook at the Klauzál Square market, paddle on the Danube in SUP, splash in the Széchenyi Bath, get to know the Jewish Quarter, and admire the panorama from the height of the Parliament and St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Following the forum, the Convention Bureau and its partners presented some MICE venues in Budapest to 12 participants on a two-day Fam Trip.  On the 3rd and 4th of September the guests could get acquainted with the Kiscelli Museum, the Matild Palace, the developments of Hungexpo, as well as the special gastronomic offer of the capital.

“Winning the M&I Forum was one of the first major international successes only half a year after reforming the Convention Bureau. By bringing the business event to Hungary, our goal was to strongly encourage the industrial relaunch in 2021, said Anna Békefi, Managing Director of the Hungarian Convention Bureau, according to the announcement. „Most of the foreign professionals have not been to Budapest before, several people have already extended their stay here during the forum and were impressed by the possibilities of the destination and the level of service they had experienced, they will definitely return here with their clients and events.”

„During the preparation, our main goal was to involve Hungarian service providers as much as possible. It was a conscious step for us to issue a tender for the implementation, thus giving the Hungarian service providers an opportunity to work. We were extremely happy to be able to make the original £ 6,900 price available with extraordinary support to 5 of the Hungarian partners.

Sustainability has been a key value of our strategy since our inception. In the spirit of this, the concept of the program structure, transport solutions, meals and souvenirs from Hungarian designers and makers was also developed. Among the negotiators of the exclusive, boutique event-focused forum, many represent a client who also has a business that deals specifically with large-scale events. The successful presentation of our destination will significantly help to increase the number of international business events in the coming years,” the Managing Director added.

The financial background for the organization of m&i Private Europe 2021 was provided by the Hungarian Tourism Agency on behalf of the host destination.